Measurement Tips:

Plotting your vision

It is important to have the correct measurements when you contact us for a quote. This page is to give you some tips to look for when you are trying to measure your kitchen or bathroom.


* Measuring tape
* Graphing paper
* Writing utensil

A: Draw out an outline of the walls as close as to be, general as shape as you can (birds eyes view).

B: Take notes of the windows and its sizes.

C: Measure the distance from one end of the wall till one end of the window; then measure other end of the window till the other end of the wall, as shown as ā€œCā€.

Other thing is to take notes on the height of the ceiling; meanwhile is to find out the ceiling is whether slanted or flat.

Other height relates to the measurements are included:

* The height between the floor and the window

* The height between the top of the window to the ceiling

* If there is an existing refrigerator, then take notes of its height; if not, then take notes on the refrigerator height that you are planning to install in your kitchen.