About US

RL Building Supply offers the highest quality granite, quartz, and glass tiles. We produce our own flooring with two factories in China, therefore we can keep a close inspection on the quality of our products.

As part of the manufacturing process for all of our quartz and tiles, we have the lowest prices available. This also allows us to offer special orders for your convenience.


Since we have two factories we can support demands made by any commercial projects. Our factory lines have the ability to fulfill any projects from inside kitchens to hotel lobbies, then to outside landscaping.


Come in and work with one of our designers to customize your flooring.

Quality Control

Since we have two factories in China, we are able to control the quality directly and can react faster to consumer demand.

Special Orders

Special orders are much more possible since we have a good amount of decision-making power.


Many people wonder if the products are reliable since they are made in China. While we cannot vouch other companies, our products have passed the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) and currently are one of the Conformité Européenne (CE) brands. Our products are reliable.


We have designers in-house during open hours. Our designers are happy to assist you even you do not have a concrete idea on how to tackle a renovation. Our designers also provide assistance on your idea, even it is as small as finishing touches.